I am planning a rewrite.

Soon. VERY soon. The current, unfinished, untidy version is available on the branch ‘Le current state’. I think I will start from scratch now.


Le rename

I finally gave my OS a reasonable name. It is called MEMENTO now.

It’s been a long time…

Just noticed the main page looks a little outdated. So here’s the latest state of the RCS:
I work on the build system, not on the actual OS. But I am nearly done. Soon I will work on the system itself again.

The new Interface

I decided to change the color scheme of the CLI. It is now a little darker and displays more information (The last one has nothing to do with the colors, of course).

I also made the Memory Manager work. It is not reliable, but it works.

Next thing is probably a paging thing. Or a keyboard driver.