Le rename

I finally gave my OS a reasonable name. It is called MEMENTO now.


It’s working.

Just finished the new make system for RCS. Go check it out at GitHub

It’s been a long time…

Just noticed the main page looks a little outdated. So here’s the latest state of the RCS:
I work on the build system, not on the actual OS. But I am nearly done. Soon I will work on the system itself again.

The new Interface

I decided to change the color scheme of the CLI. It is now a little darker and displays more information (The last one has nothing to do with the colors, of course).

I also made the Memory Manager work. It is not reliable, but it works.

Next thing is probably a paging thing. Or a keyboard driver.


The RCS just learned how to crash!
This may sound useless or even bad, but it is actually useful for debugging.
OK, not in this state, but later…

the 'redscreen'

the ‘redscreen’